Picnic Table – Optional Extras

You usually hear about 'optional extras' for cars, rather than picnic tables, but there is one or two things that I can do for you. I can do this because I make all of the picnic tables here in Australia in my own back yard.

Picnic Tables with Umbrella Holes

The first is holes for umbrellas. I really need to know when you order whether or not you want a hole in the middle of your picnic table to put an umbrella through. The way I place the support struts underneath the top of the picnic table is slightly different when there is a hole in it.

Extra Long Picnic Tables

If you do have a big family and want a table that seats 10, I can do that for you. It costs a little extra and has an extra set of legs in the middle and fits your whole extended family!

Heavy Duty Picnic Tables

Some people have rowdy kids, or rowdy adults. If you are worried about how much of a beating your picnic table can stand up to, get a heavy duty recycled pine, or a cypress picnic table.

Other Ideas

If you want to leave your picnic table outside in an area that is accessible to the public, think about how you might secure it to your property. I know that some of my customers have done these things:

  • use right-angle brackets to bolt the table to the ground
  • cemented the table into place
  • chained the table to a permanent structure
  • bought 4 seater picnic tables that they can move in and out of their cafe easily


If I am building a lot of picnic tables and they won't be picked up for a couple of days, I will store them standing up on the short end, one inside the other. If you have them standing up like that for too long they can buckle, which means you will need to adjust the bolts, but they can be stored like that for a while. It seems to take up the least amount of space.

Delivery of Your Picnic Table

Delivery is an optional extra. Let me know where you are (within a 60km radius of the Redcliffe Peninsula, Qld) and I'll quote you my delivery costs. For some people it is cheaper to hire a ute, or if you have ordered a truck load of picnic tables, then hire a truck!