Help Needed! Can you Build Picnic Tables?

It seems that everybody wants picnic tables as soon as the weather starts to warm up and I'm now getting more orders than I can handle on my own.

I need help!

If you are an experienced handy-man, have all the tools and think you could build picnic tables to order, please contact me!

Here are the basics –

What I do

  • I can send you the plans I use and a list of all the bits and pieces needed for each different sized picnic table.
  • Every time I get an order in your area, I will give you a call so that you can make the picnic tables that are needed and arrange for delivery or collection.
  • I'm setting up online payment so that people can pay to order, I'll take a marketing fee and pass the rest on to you

I need YOU to do

  • sort out your own tools, wood, bolts, hours of work, insurance, premises etc
  • make tables to the sizes and quality I sell


Why would you do this? I sell picnic tables every single week and get enquiries from all over Australia. I get a lot of people who want to buy more than one picnic table. You make money on every table you sell, and if you work with me, you'll sell more picnic tables and make more money. I turned this hobby into a business in just 6 months and I can help you to do that too.

If this sounds good to you, contact me and let me know –

  • where you are in Australia
  • what woodwork experience you have
  • when you can start

I look forward to hearing from you!