Frequently Asked Questions

    • Where are you located
    • We are located within Moreton Bay Regional Shire, just north of Brisbane.
    • Can you deliver to other places besides Brisbane?
    • We can also deliver to, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast. You can also arrange for pickup/delivery yourself if you wish.
    • How much do you charge for delivery?
    • Our delivery costs are per table and are:
      Brisbane Metro
      Gold Coast / Sunshine Coast
    • Are your tables made from treated pine?
    • No, Queensland regulations forbid us from selling tables that are made with timber treated with arsenic (cca pine)
    • What size tables do you have?
    • We only make one size table,
      L 2000mm x W 1600mm x H 720mm, seats 6 to 8 people
    • Do your tables come painted/stained/oiled?
    • No, with so many options and colors it’s difficult to do it all to suite everyone, so we only supply the tables in raw pine, so you can finish it the way you want it finished.
    • How long will my table last?
    • How deep is a hole?, to answer this it depends on how well you look after your table, do you oil it regularly, is it in the sun or shade? Does it get wet?
    • What should I use to make my table last longer?
    • We recommend oiling your table on a regular basis (approx every 3 months) using linseed oil. Pine has a habit of rejecting most artificial wood oils so a natural oil like linseed is the perfect choice for keeping your table looking good and lasting for many years.
  • Will you build a custom sized table for me?
  • No, please don’t even ask unless you want to order a large number of them. To keep our prices down it makes sense to have one design that we can duplicate over and over in a measurable time. If we start making custom sizes and styles the time factor blows out and the cost per table skyrockets.

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please send us a question through the Contact Us page.