How I got started building Picnic Tables

Hubbies New Hobby - Tony

Tony – taking a break from making picnic tables

Hi, my name is Tony. Having some time on my hands and wanting to do something nice for the family, one day I decided to make a picnic table for our garden. The weather was nice, it was coming up to the summer period and we had nowhere to sit outside and enjoy it. Found a plan I liked, got hold of some wood and started building.

I wasn’t entirely happy with the first version, so I built a second one. Then I thought it would be better to have a bigger one. My wife liked the picnic tables, but she said we didn’t need three of them, so I put one on ebay and sold it, and that got me started.

It wasn’t just that I sold a picnic table. I got messages from people saying that if the buyer didn’t pick it up, they’d be happy to take it. I started talking to people who said they’d been looking for picnic tables like mine everywhere, and just couldn’t get them. So, I started building them to order. I’m a creative person, so there are a few different variations on the original model that are now available.

Have a look around and let me know which one you’d like. Referrals are an important part of my business too, so if you like the table, leave me some feedback on the blog and let your friends know.

Cheers Tony

The Enterprise - tallship replica PS – I used to volunteer on the Enterprize – an amazing replica of a tallship as close as possible to its original 1830’s inspiration complete with flax sails and hemp lines. The Enterprize Ship Trust is a not-for-profit organisation and is dependent on sailing income and donations for its continued operation. So check out this incredible example of our cultural heritage most days at Williamstown, Victoria or every first weekend of the month in Geelong.