Large Picnic Tables

The first picnic table I made was a 4 seater. We still have it in the garden. That was big enough for the family and great for a couple of weeks, until we had friends around. Then I realised we needed a bigger picnic table, so I built a 6 – 8 seater. This is great for visitors.  

Large recycled pine picnic table

This is the table on our deck. We use it a lot during the warmer weather.

Large Pine Picnic Table

2000mm long

1600mm wide 

720mm high

When my wife’s family came over for a bbq and we had a dozen or so people, we just put a 4 seate picnic table up against this one and everyone had plenty of room.

I did get a call from a guy who wanted a bigger picnic table. He has an extended family of 10 at home so really needed something bigger. So now I can make a longer version. I haven’t got a photo of one yet, so I’ll need to make another one soon, but it looks a lot like the large picnic table, except with an extra set of legs in the middle.

Extra Long Recyled Pine Picnic Table – Picnic Table for 10!

2400mm long

1600mm wide 

720mm high