Small Picnic Tables

The first picnic table I made was a 4 seater for the garden. This is a picture of it.

4 seater recycled pine picnic table

4 Seater Picnic Table

1200mm long 

1600mm wide 

720mm high

This picnic table is made from recycled pine. Its very sturdy and plenty big enough for 4 people.

The bigger picnic tables are 6 – 8 seaters, and I’ve even made one that seats 10, but I had to put an extra set of legs in the middle of the table to strengthen it.

Childrens Picnic Table, Kids Picnic TableIf you want to go really small, I now make the cutest little children’s picnic tables too. This picture doesn’t do it justice. I’ll have to get another one with some little kids sitting on it. They are really cute.

Kiddies Recyled Pine Picnic Table

1200mm long

840mm wide

520mm high